Industrial Smart Thermal Grid

At the High Tech Systems Park we are convinced that open innovation and joint fieldlabs are the answer to innovate faster in order to stay competitive. One of our answers to do that, is by developing the Netherland’s first Industrial Smart Thermal Grid for sustainable energy and making sure energy is optimally used. Our aim is to build an energy neutral innovation campus.  What’s in it for you?

Advantages of an Industrial Smart Thermal Grid: Bronnet

At High Tech Systems Park we have developed a smart grid pilot at an industrial scale. All buildings at High Tech Systems Park, both offices and production facilities, will exchange heat and cold through this system. The heat and cold are harvested from local sources, for example excess heat of the nearby company Akzo Nobel, and is offered at a competitive rate. This Smart Thermal Grid gives located businesses the following advantages:

  • Our Smart Thermal Grid will reduce your company’s CO2 emissions with at least 50%, giving you a great way to fulfull your sustainability mission
  • The Smart Thermal Grid will provide a reliable and cost efficient energy system, resulting in savings up to 20% on your energy bills.
  • Constant monitoring of your energy consumption will enable us to give you feedback and optimize your building management even further.
  • Being a user of this smart thermal energy system will help you in applying for Breeam certificates and subsidies for sustainability.

Smart Thermal Grid

Innovation opportunities of the Industrial Smart Thermal Grid

Apart from the immediate savings, we also foresee new business opportunities. We have developed the Smart Thermal Grid in an open manner. Partners, SMEs and startups have the opportunity to experiment with topics like dynamic pricing of energy, big data or other elements on a live smart grid setting, but without the risks. Would you like to know more about becoming a fieldlab partner? Contact Vincent ten Thij


The industrial Smart Grid is an initiative of High Tech Systems Park in cooperation with Province Overijssel, Thales, DWA, and Fudura.

More information? Read our Bronnet Brochure, or contact Vincent ten Thij.