HMO invests 3 million in High Tech Systems Park

hmo signing investment

Yesterday High Tech Systems Park and the “Herstructurerings Maatschappij bedrijventerreinen Overijssel” (HMO) signed an agreement for investing 3 million euros of the province of Overijssel in the development of the innovation campus. The funding will be used to accelerate private investments at High Tech Systems Park. HMO aims at revolving investments that lead to business efficiency and societal impact.

Han Wiendels, CEO of HMO explains: “We assess the business case of a potential investor from a commercial and creative perspective. If we see an opportunity and can develop or accelerate that, we will start the conversation. One of the options is that we buy the existing property of the company that wants to to invest in High Tech Systems Park, so that they have the financial means to build a new facility at the innovation campus.” Participation of HMO in High Tech Systems Parks serves as a leverage: entrepreneurs are enabled to invest to seize the opportunities they see for their company.

CEO of the High Tech Systems Park Vincent ten Thij is happy with the new cooperation with HMO: “The investment of the province Overijssel via the HMO enables us to start the conversation with companies in a very constructive way. That will help accelerate potential investments.”

“Stimulating the regional economy and employment is an important part of the policy of the province of Overijssel. Innovations are essential because they increase the competitive power of our companies. This toplocation for high tech companies is the ideal location to do that,” says Eddy van Hijum, representative of Overijssel.

In February 2015 the province of Overijssel decided to support High Tech Systems Park with € 3 million from the fourth and last investment tranche of the “Innovatiedriehoek Twente”. Province Overijssel sees the High Tech Systems Park as one of the four toplocations necessary to further position Twente as region specialised in High Tech Systems and Materials. The investment has now been made available through HMO.