Building your own

At High Tech Systems Park we offer commercial real estate. We are literally making room for new companies. After the demolition of several former Thales offices and production facilities, approximately 100.000 m2 is available for new offices and production facilities for high tech companies. For more detailed information about the the commercial real estate and available lots at our new campus, check out our area development plan.

For whom?

High Tech Systems Park aims to be the ideal location for companies active in high tech systems. Specifically,, these companies are R&D and technology driven and have a link with our core competences, including:

  • Big data
  • Embedded software and systems
  • High end positioning
  • Sensors
  • Turbines
  • Robotics / mechatronics
  • Radio technology

Or are active in the following international markets:

  • Defence
  • Oil and gas
  • (Aero)space
  • Security & Safety
  • Transportation
Advantages of building your own office or production facility at High Tech System Park

Companies choose High Tech Systems Park because it offers the perfect environment for innovation and an attractive work environment for their employees.

5 reasons to buy commercial real estate at High Tech Systems Park:
  1. Your company will be part of an innovative community and leading innovation campus to stay a frontrunner in your industry
  2. Your employees will have the opportunity to meet other innovators and challenge eachother on a daily basis, and during our specific events
  3. Your company can tap into new developments and innovation projects that are being run at the High Tech Systems Park
  4. You have the opportunity to cut costs because of a smart thermal grid and sharing parkmanagement services
  5. You will have access to modern meetingrooms and restaurants in the Shared Facility Center

At High Tech Systems Park you can build your own facilities in the following ways:

    • Lots for offices
    • Lots for production facilities
    • Work with your own architect to build according to our quality guide lines
    • Become part of our parkmanagement cooperation for shared services
    • Benefit from our special environmental permits

Would you like more information on building your own facilities at High Tech Systems Park? Contact Jan Nijenhuis , sales manager High Tech Systems Park.